Sky Garden Proposal

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Vertical Songbird and hummingbird nectar garden on both sides of a wall. We provide a massive and bold, beautiful and geometrically simple, landmark, 200 ft high 4 ft deep steel frame covered with a ver- tical garden of plants chosen to support the birds, bees and butterflies we want to welcome to the nature park.

This also provides further sound isolation and deals directly with one of the potential visible sights that could limit enjoyment of this area, Next door, there is a small private plot which likely will sport a very tall hotel. Since we

have no control over the design of this likely new structure, its wise to build a surface that protect the recreational value of the park.

The spacious dome also serves as an inviting, state-of-art “Community Performance Space” with Oasius: Hub of Activity, Organic “Carbon” v. Geometric “Silicon Forms”, small-footprint Architecture, Place-Setting Skywalk: “Stroll up high & feast on the beauty below.” Above, towers with elevators to the SKY WALKWAY for site-seeing strolls or serious workouts: 5 laps equals 2our rotating sculptural building serving set changes. The wooden floor stage, adds access from below: new sets will appear and disappear, as the sculpture rotates. The Dome: Multipurpose exploration arena boasts an iconic Rotating, “Cathedral of the Mind” with Interactive Art using Light, Sound and Enigma to engage, uplift, intrigue, mesmerize, delight and inspire visitors: “Cathedral of the Mind”. The spacious dome The miles! N. Western and Eastern borders of Oasius are steeply sloped up to 60-80 ft, insulating it from noise and providing extensive below-surface activities and performance arts & expansion according to the future needs of the Community and income from commercial rental.

Confluence Wildlife pond and Waterfall and 20th Century + Sculpture Garden.

We envisage a self-supporting freshwater ecosystem with fish, frogs, lizards, and marauding dragonflies to eat up mosquito larvae, and hopefully, a 20th Century modern art sculpture collection by such as Giacometti, Rodin, Picasso, Henry Moore and other luminaries as there must be many such treasures owned by celebrities, movie starts and Silicon Valley successes where a noble well protected home would be valued and supported.

“Carbon the basis for life, diversity, thought & culture, curvaceous organic shapes, here, enhanced in geometric forms by Silicon"

...Below the surface of West & East hillsides, versatile floor space assignable for community activities, from a bazaar market to Arts and Theater Schools and spaces and technical resources for artists. in the community. All with increasing substantially the river's ecosystem for nature and the community. We do this with non-polluting durable stainless steel and concrete earthquake-isolated design built to last hundreds of years.


Thank you for your interest. For any inquiries, commission requests or studio visits, please contact Asher David Kelman today.


Sky Garden Proposal

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Sky Garden Proposal