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40 Ft wide cantilevered welcoming granite platforms extending from the ocean side of Junipero Avenue providing residents and tourists unique viewingaccess of the sandy breach, the wheeling gulls, whales, The Queen Mary, tankers, ships to and from the Port of Long Beach, sailboats, and sky flyers sailing by. They’ll have plantings, interesting sculptures to stop and enjoy an unique seating.






A convoluted path of life, round, (feminine) meeting a flamboyant ribbon, (the swagger of men as new fathers or when they shoot a deer)! This major work is meant as a major location to sit, relax and meet friends. There’s a water fall pouring from the central very large stone platform to a surrounding protective moat with lily pads and ducks.



Reveals a jailed pregnant woman, calling to the plight of migrants, escaping poverty & violent gangs. What society incarcerates pregnant woman & her little children fleeing hardship? The Bible recommends hospitality to “the stranger within our midst”?
Notice on the right, children plant bamboo in cracks near the jail bars. We can’t free this prisoner right now, but we can empower our children to think of others.



Lauds personal devotion and effort, day in day out, to delivering on one own passion! As she stands “on point”, her neck and back arched, we see effortless grace. But decades of harsh athletic training cost her body: perfect fitness for most, lasts perhaps, a decade and then younger dancers displace her. That, in a way is the life for butterflies!



A simple derivative of the Rubik 24 segment twistable “Snake”, offers to passers by “Greetings and salutations for a great day!”



Is a series of open arches with a very fine cooling mist in the summer to provide walking spaces to get relief from the hot sun and lit with romantic light in the evenings for welcoming folk for a leisurely stroll.



Celebrates her independence from masculine measures of worth, rank and power. Is the woman really made from a spare part of a man? Could woman be another parallel, but different kind of creature, exchanging gifts and devotion with her mate of choice?.



A place to rest admire and meditate. An impressively formed multi-water drop abstraction of pleasingly textured steel rocks, with programmed romantic sunset lights, viewable from both the Museum of Art and the Hillside from Junipero Avenue.



Sparked by the sight of “Ritlite“ rocks near the village of Lyuti Brod, Iskar Gorge, Bulgaria. The formation fused in my mind with the view of a reclining woman in the once shocking eponymous painting by Gustave Corbet’s. We see the abstract form of the birth of humanity. It reminds us of the simple path we all take to get into this world. So this epic hillside sculpture of magnificent textured steel shows respect and gratitude to woman for origins of all lives.



We imagine a teenage couple transfixed at the Statue of Liberty and then magically transported in “The Puff of Wind” across the USA to Long Beach, California, where the great “American Dream” meets the Pacific Ocean! The Art exalts all to strive for their own dreams: for that alone makes America great!

“Daughter and son of manFind your mission,The oceans beckon,Your boat will carry our dreams”

Asher Kelman 2016



Represents the struggle in dialog. Here, where one person, has power and resources and the other beauty and self-worth. The latter has to be acknowledged, accommodated, nurtured not merely bought! The male might boast his resources, ideas, dreams, wishes, wants and accomplishments. The woman, hanging on his every word looks for nuances that reveal a character capable of commitment and irrevocable sharing.
The conversation is not what’s said, but what is expressed and discovered despite that actual meanings of the particular words. Out of a good conversation comes the possibility love that outlasts passion



An abstraction for imagining things anyone is to free make with simple things at home: card, ribbons, glue and chalk!



A mirror-polished mesmerizing giant 12ft high mammoth “egg” of stainless steel with rough openings of the shell revealing myriads of cubic surfaces reflections of the beach scene as people move past. It represents the myriads of points of view we can share of the same world!



Adam holds the globe. This is both educational and inspirational. I want to stimulate children to think on a large scale, beyond the limits of origin of birth, village, city and language. I also hope this will create the idea that out planet is something very precious for us to protect!



Two facing giant mirror-polished “breaking waves”. Is inspired by the biblical tale of the Exodus from Egypt, with the miracle of safe dry land between towering waves.



Woman, generous, arms full of resources for her family.
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Long Beach


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